Registered Clubs

Name Membership* State
1 Cricket Zeal Academy (CZA) Elite CA
2 Cricmax (Cricmax) Elite NJ
3 Dream Cricket Academy (DCA) Elite NJ
4 Eastbay Youth Cricket Association (EYCA) Elite CA
5 Future Stars School of Cricket (FSSC) Elite DC
6 Minnesota Cricket Association (MCA) Elite MN
7 Missouri Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) Elite MO
8 New England Youth Cricket Academy (NEYCA) Elite CT
9 San Ramon Cricket Association (SRCA) Elite CA
10 Triangle Cricket League (TCL) Elite NC
11 Arizona Youth Cricket Club (AZYCC) Active AZ
12 California Cricket Academy (CCA) Active CA
13 California Cricket Girls (CCG) Active CA
14 California Cricket League Youth Academy (CCLYA) Active CA
15 California Knight Riders (CKR) Active CA
16 Cricket Academy of Puget Sound (CAPS) Active WA
17 CricMax New England (CricMaxNE) Active MA
18 Dashrath Sankhe Cricket Academy (DSCA) Active CA
19 Dublin Cricket League (DCL) Active CA
20 Girls Cricket League (GCL) Active FL
21 Long Island Youth Cricket Academy (LIYCA) Active NY
22 Maryland Youth Cricket Association (MDYCA) Active MD
23 Massachusetts State Cricket League (MSCL) Active MA
24 Master Blasters Canada (MBC) Active CANADA
25 NorthWest Cricket Academy (NWCA) Active WA
26 NYCL Girls (NYCLG) Active USA
27 NYCL Invitational (NYCLI) Active MO
28 Ontario Cricket Academy (OCA) Active CANADA
29 Philadelphia Youth All Star (PYAS) Active PA
30 Seattle Cricket League (SCL) Active WA
31 Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA) Active CA
32 Southern California Youth Cricket Academy (SCYCA) Active CA
33 Sunny Sohal Cricket Academy (SSCA) Active MD
34 United Cricket League (UCL) Active MA
35 Virginia Youth Cricket Club (VHPA) Active DC
36 Washington Cricket Academy (WCA) Active VA
37 Woodley Youth Cricket Academy (WYCA) Active CA
38 Atlanta Cricket Academy (CAUSA) Inactive GA
39 Atlanta Youth Cricket League (AYCL) Inactive GA
40 Boolingbrook Premier League (BPL) Inactive IL
41 Cricket North Carolina (CNC) Inactive NC
42 Dallas Youth Cricket League (DYCL) Inactive TX
43 Napa Valley Cricket Club (NVCC) Inactive CA
44 Queens United Cricket Academy (QUCAA) Inactive NY
45 Tatiana Fields (TF) Inactive MN
46 Texas Cricket Academy (TCA) Inactive TX
47 Trigger Colts Cricket League (TCCL) Inactive TX

Elite - Played NYCL for the last 3 years.
Active - Played at least one of the last 2 NYCL tournaments.
Inactive - Did not play any of the last 2 NYCL tournaments.


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